Digital Marketing Manager

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We are looking for a full time commercial profile to help drive online marketing, sales and general business development.

Background and tasks

We are currently ramping up the shipment of our portable wind turbines that we sell directly to consumers through our website. The turbines are typically used by RV, tiny house or house owners.

We need your help understanding our existing users-base and use-cases and using these insights to drive new innovation and our marketing messages. Updated marketing material needs to be created and our online presence will need to be frequently tweaked.

We believe that online reviews will be very effective in driving sales so we expect that working with influences will be a significant part of the job.

These tasks should lead to an established sales-funnel that we can monitor and improve using data analytics.

We are also developing a new larger wind turbine currently targeted at homeowners and farmers. We want you to dig a bit deeper and figure out if we need further segmentation and help prioritising the right features. 

Our portable wind turbine product is naturally used in combination with other equipment (battery - inverters) or in specific settings (camping, tiny-house) so we believe there are good opportunities for co-branding and other strategic business relationships that could be worth pursuing.

The position

The position is a full time role set to solve the above mentioned tasks. We get a lot of joy from seeing each other daily and expect you to be onsite most work days.

We want you to be able to

  • Analyse our existing customer base
  • Generate product insights
  • Create our marketing messages (outsource the actual production)
  • Run online marketing experiments/campaigns
  • Work with email marketing
  • Test various sales strategies and continue executing those that work.
  • Monitor and improve our sales funnel through data analytics.
  • Help identify customers and product features for our next generation turbine.
  • Work with influencers.
  • Do strategic business development.

We do aim to hire based on your abilities so you don't necessarily need several years of experience, but if you have a proven track record - that will greatly help us to see that you are able to do the above tasks well and hit the ground running. Previous experience with early stage startup work will also count as a positive as juggling so many different tasks is not for everyone!


We offer

  • An opportunity to work with a dedicated team trying to solve the climate crisis and increase prosperity.
  • A place where you can have a lot of influence on your own tasks and work environment.
  • Competitive startup salary with option for warrants depending on qualifications. 
  • An opportunity to be part of the whole process - from understanding customer pain to a finished product with relatively short turnaround time.
  • To be part of a responsive and pragmatic team. We are open to quick changes of plans and love to settle disputes by quick empirical tests (when possible). 
  • Almost no bureaucracy 
  • Gain new competences. Working at KiteX you will most likely be doing something that you haven’t been working with before. 

Starting date as soon as possible.

Apply: Please apply through the hub. Send questions to