Why Wind Catcher

Wind Catcher

Wind Catcher is a revolutionary new one-of-a-kind wind turbine. It is lighter, more powerful and easier to use than any other wind power system and weighs just 10kg! Interested? Reserve a discounted premium pack today!

KiteX Van Shot

  • Portable: Easily packed up and carried, setup in 15 minutes by one person
  • Powerful: Charge eBikes, electronics, appliances to backup batteries
  • Constant: Works during the day and night, even at low 8mph speeds
  • Eco-friendly: Clean renewable energy, using recycled plastics throughout
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 10kg (22lbs), using strong glassfiber rods, and EPS foam
  • Compatible: Works with portable generators like Jackery, Goal Zero, Bluetti etc.,

Unique Selling Points

Very easy to transport and is designed to run quietly We’ve designed Wind Catcher for your adventure. When you need it, simply unpack it, set it up and start generating power. Wind Catcher is made with lightweight 2 meter long glass-fiber elements. Everything can be stored and transported with ease. We made Wind Catcher to emit a very low noise. It’s not silent like solar panels, but 20 meters away you won’t hear it, as it blends into nature and we’ve used state of the art aeroacoustics simulation tools.

Works in low wind
We’ve designed Wind Catcher to start producing power in low winds, unlike other small wind-turbines. Wind Catcher Lite will start making usable energy e.g. charging a laptop (50W) at around 4 meters pr. second [9 mph] wind speed. This means you don’t have to camp in the most windy places to start producing usable power. The larger version of Wind Catcher will make 600W at 8 m/s [18mph] wind.