Wind Catcher

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Lighter, more powerful and easier to use than any other wind power system

 Average Wind Speed  24 hours production
4 m/s [9 mph] 2600 Wh
5 m/s [11 mph] 3700 Wh
6 m/s [13 mph] 4500 Wh



  • Rated power: 200W @ 5.5 m/s wind speed
  • Weight for the assembled turbine: 12 kg [26lbs]
  • Voltage Output: 12-36V (programable)
  • Wind speed Operational Range: 3 - 15 m/s. Survival range: 15 - 25 m/s
  • Noise Levels: 55dB @ 6 m at 135 RPM (3 dB above background noise at full speed)

Detailed specifications

When you need it, simply unpack it, set it up and start generating power

Wind Catcher is a revolutionary one-of-a-kind wind turbine. It is lighter, more powerful and easier to use than any other wind power system and weighs just 12kg - 26lbs!

Take it on your next adventure and set it up with ease!

Packs up neatly
Packs up neatly

Packs up neatly

Wind Catcher is a modular design - tower sections and blades are 2 meters long. Easy to fold up, pack up and transport!

Easy to carry

Easy to carry

Wind Catcher weighs just 12 kg [26lbs].

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30 days free returns

If you for some reason are not satisfied with your Wind Catcher, return it for a full refund. No questions asked!

Easy Setup

We've made Wind Catcher to be easy and fast to assemble. It's so simple and easy that you can do it singlehanded.

We're using screw in-ground anchors. Simply lay out the anchors in suitable ground, test the holding strength, and set up the turbine.

Wind Catcher requires no complicated knots. We're using quick and easy to use belts for adjustments where its needed. It's simple, effective and quick to setup.

Technically superior to other systems

Energy is complicated and highly technical; We will try to guide you to a better understanding of whats important when evaluating the potential of KiteX and others

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