We are developing drone wind energy in order to create a future where renewable energy is the most cost effective option. Cheaper energy will help societies reduce the average amount of “hard” work required to sustain a given living standard, freeing up time for more valuable pursuits. We find the reflections in these answers quite interesting: If energy was free


We are building a new type of flying wind turbine that can make wind power accessible for many more locations, as well as significantly cheaper. It utilises drone technology to autonomously control a flying wing tethered to the ground, and this wing acts as the blade of a traditional wind turbine. Because it needs no tower, only a small foundation and uses its “blades” (the wings) much more efficiently, it only needs a fraction of the material of a conventional system, for the same power output. This is where costs are saved, and it is the reason it can be installed almost anywhere, without large cranes and other expensive infrastructure.


Andreas Okholm Andreas Bruun Okholm

I have a mixed design, mechanical and aerospace degree from the Technical University of Denmark and University of Adelaide. Doing my master degree I created a smartphone based wind measuring tool, which provide value adding functionality to traditional wind meters and most importantly allows kite-surfers (and other wind users) to share ultra local wind information. I worked on this project (called Vaavud) for 3 years doing both hardware and software development. We managed to create the most sold smartphone wind meter in the world – and the first one to measure wind direction.

I have for a long time been fascinated by the power of kites, and been using them for surfing for the past 10+ years. Being able to work with kites is really fascinating and I find that it allows me to make use of most of my toolset: mechanical engineering, aerodynamics, programming, startups and most importantly it gives a feeling of making a positive impact.

Gustaf Kugelberg
Gustaf Kugelberg

An avid kitesurfer since 8 years, my educational background is in pure and applied mathematics, with a touch of liberal arts – I took a M. Sc. Eng. in technical physics, and studied mathematics, Archaeology, Greek, Latin, Russian and Japanese on the side.

I have worked as a management consultant at Oliver Wyman, helped launch a small but very successful compensation consultancy, advised startups in industries ranging from construction innovations to mineral prospecting and for the last 5 years I have also been developing software, most notably for Vaavud, mentioned above, and Realm.


Philipp Neff Philipp Neff
13 years experience in the renewable energy sector in Europe, East Africa and Canada.
Co-founder of OneShore Energy, developed and realised solar-diesel hybrid systems for commercial and public clients
Mac Gaunaa Mac Gaunaa
PhD aerodynamics.
19 years experience working with wind turbine aerodynamics and aeroelasticity at DTU. Previous experience with AWT modelling
Marc Münzer Marc Münzer
European patent attorney, Co-Founder Guardian IP Consulting, PhD Electromechanical system design, Co-Founder Icebreakernordic.com, Co-Founder StartupWorks.dk
Rolf Østergaard Rolf Østergaard
Founder of SENSITIVUS gauge / Team ZWATT. Advanced bike sensor technology. Very experienced M.Sc.EE with hard earned startup business skills.


Cong Wang Cong Wang
Entrepreneur and Business Angel.
Neil Murray Neil Murray
Founding Editor of The Nordic Web, The Nordic Web Ventures

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Our path towards commercially viable kite energy is designed with the philosophy of dealing with the most difficult problems first - a complete autonomous flight.

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Jun 16 Founded
Jan 17 VTOL
Jun 17 Funded
Aug 17 Autonomous Flight
Nov 17 LOI

Also, we try to keep a updated List of prototype developments.


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