We are developing drone wind energy in order to create a future where renewable energy is the most cost effective option. Cheaper energy will help societies reduce the average amount of “hard” work required to sustain a given living standard, freeing up time for more valuable pursuits. We find the reflections in these answers quite interesting: If energy was free


We are building a new type of flying wind turbine that can make wind power accessible for many more locations, as well as significantly cheaper. It utilises drone technology to autonomously control a flying wing tethered to the ground, and this wing acts as the blade of a traditional wind turbine. Because it needs no tower, only a small foundation and uses its “blades” (the wings) much more efficiently, it only needs a fraction of the material of a conventional system, for the same power output. This is where costs are saved, and it is the reason it can be installed almost anywhere, without large cranes and other expensive infrastructure.


Our path towards commercially viable kite energy is designed with the philosophy of dealing with the most difficult problems first - a complete autonomous flight.

Jun 2016 Founded
Sep 2016 Soft kite autonomous flight
Jan 2017 Vertical take off and landing kite
Jun 2017 Pre-seed funding round
Aug 2017 Autonomous Flights
Sep 2017 E.On Accelerator
Nov 2017 LOIs for offgrid and offshore wind turbine
Jan 2018 Dual kites flight
Mar 2018 InnoBooster Grant
Sep 2018 Tethered powered hover
Nov 2018 24 hours continuous hover test
Jun 2019 KX4 takeoff
Dec 2019 KX4 crosswind flight

Also, we try to keep a updated List of prototype developments.


Primary office & test site:
KiteX c/o DTU Link
Frederiksborgvej 399
4000 Roskilde

Development office:
Maskinvej 5
2860 Søborg

Company Name: KiteX IVS
CVR: DK38029126
Mail: info@kitex.tech