Independent power source for your next trip or tiny house

Wind Catcher

Set-up by yourself in just 20 minutes

Wind Catcher is a revolutionary one-of-a-kind wind turbine. It is lighter, more powerful and easier to use than any other wind power system and weighs just 12kg (26lbs)!

Take it on your next adventure or supplement at home


Easy to pack & carry. Set up in 20 min by one person


Power eBikes, laptops, fridge and charge your portable power station or battiers


Works day and night, even at low 8mph wind speeds


Clean renewable energy, using recycled plastics throughout


Weighs only 12kg (26lbs), using strong dyneema lines and carbonfiber


Works with portable generators like Jackery, Ecoflow, Bluetti etc.

Wind Catcher will generate enough energy for your devices and equipment needs even in low winds

Explore Wind Catcher’s usage in different fields

KiteX map

In the wind map below you can see how much power a Wind Catcher will produce in specific locations. These are averages for an entire year - day and night. The wind map is made for the Wind Catcher using the turbine performance data combined with wind data from Global Wind Atlas.

We also included the option to see how much energy 4 mobile solar panels would generate based on data from Global Solar Atlas. Click the top-right corner to change layers.