Join KiteX: Powering the Clean Energy Revolution

At KiteX, we're revolutionizing energy with innovative wind turbines inspired by kites. Our mission? To make wind turbines that use significantly less material, offering a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional turbines.

Our journey began by envisioning wind turbines that combine the efficiency of kites and autonomy of drones. On this path, we found a hybrid design with guy wire supported tower and blades could achieve almost the same material savings, but without any of the disadvantages. Our unique approach centers on patience, refining technology step by step, and focusing on sustainable solutions.

We're scaling up production of the groundbreaking Wind Catcher, a portable off-grid turbine, while designing a larger, grid-connected successor. As we grow, we're seeking exceptional team members in marketing, customer support, technical, and electrical engineering.

KiteX isn't just a workplace; it's an opportunity to drive clean energy and make history. Join us in shaping a sustainable future. Apply to our open positions at the hub or contact us at with questions or unsolicited application to be part of something extraordinary 

What we offer:

  • An opportunity to be part of the whole process - from understanding customer pain to a finished product. 
  • To be part of a responsive and pragmatic team. We are open to quick changes of plans and love to settle disputes by quick empirical tests (when possible). 
  • Get rid of bureaucracy 
  • See your implementations and contributions being used and making a difference.
  • Gain new competences. Working at KiteX you will most likely be doing something that you haven’t been working with before. 

Open Positions