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Only 5 star reviews on Trustpilot

"These folks are deeply committed to portable wind power! They have worked hard to create a great solution and it shows in every interaction I've had with them."

John Cunningham


"After 16 month of operation I can confirm that the Wind Catcher is a great product. The wind turbine is robust and reliable and the power output is according to specification. The people at KiteX are super friendly and always helpful."

Klaus Harder


"Very good support from the team. Replacement blades sent very fast. Explanations clear. Very good contact with all the persons..."

Arnaud Daguin


"I'll be honest at first the setup seems intimidating, but the documentation does a great job explaining how to assemble the wind turbine. Once you've done it a few times the setup and tear down process are simple."

Dwight Sloan