How to service and maintain

Firmware Update

The firmware can be updated on Turbine, Pitch system and Ground Converter. 

Check out the video on how to upload the firmware to each system.

Download the firmware files below. We recommend not to use Safari for the firmware upload as it doesn't report upload status doing the upload. 

OBS: Turbines received before March 2022. Please contact customer support before upgrading the firmware.

Turbine Firmware

Firmware link + version changes
  • Improved fault detection
  • Can detect Belt skips
  • Fix acc/gyro + vesc faults doing startup
  • Support for turbines with buzzers (turbine hardware revision 320)
  • updated blade calibration logic
  • various bugs
  • OBS: requires min: Pitch system firmware v154

Ground Converter Firmware 

 Firmware link + version changes
  • Improved fault detection and protection in case of converter misconfiguration (Resistor, Battery, MPPT)
  • Improved button responsiveness
  • Upgraded internal libraries 
  • Only works with hardware version 312 and forward.
  • Updated control algorithms for improved compatibility with portable power stations
  • Fixed WattHour counter
  • Created Portable power station lists in UI
  • Added hardware version (can be seen through WebUI) 

Pitch System Firmware

Firmware link + version changes
  • Improved encoder fault messages
  • Updated internal libraries
  • Added firmware and git hash to web-ui

  • Improved Fault detection
  • New error codes that can be sent to turbine.
  • OBS: Needs turbine firmware v123 and up.