About us

Welcome to KiteX, where we're poised to make a meaningful impact on the energy landscape.

We invite you to become a vital part of our journey, driving the transition to cleaner and more affordable electricity.

Our focus is clear: to develop innovative wind turbines inspired by the efficiency of kites. Our approach allows us to generate equivalent energy with significantly less material, presenting a cost-effective and less resource-intensive alternative to traditional large wind turbines for both consumers and businesses.

Our story began with a simple yet audacious idea: Harnessing the power of kites we could drastically reducing the material consumption of wind turbines (up to 10 times less). Using the efficient transfer of forces from the kite combined with autonomy of modern drones.

As we delved deeper into our mission, a surprising revelation emerged. The intermediate step we initially considered, involving guy wire supported tower and structurally supported kites, evolved into our ultimate vision. This approach promised substantial material savings (still 3-10 times less) compared to conventional wind turbines, while avoiding the complexities associated with flying wind turbines. Safety zones and noise levels that had been challenges for our flying wind turbine concept were no longer hindrances. Additionally, our lighter structures eased installation and eliminated the need for massive concrete foundations.

Our approach is distinct. We recognise the history of wind turbine startups and the pitfalls they've encountered. Many have faltered due to inadequate prototyping and underestimating the intricate engineering involved. We've taken a different route – one grounded in patience and incremental progress. Our commitment to refining our technology on a smaller scale, meticulously addressing each challenge, sets us apart. It demonstrates our dedication to creating a lasting impact rather than pursuing short-lived gains.

Acknowledging the significance of modest beginnings, we identified a specific niche – portable off-grid recreational applications. By focusing on this market, we not only serve an underserved sector but also provide a platform to fine-tune our innovations. This deliberate approach ensures that every step we take contributes to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Currently, we're in the midst of scaling up production for our groundbreaking Wind Catcher – a small, portable, off-grid wind turbine that provides a glimpse into the potential of our technology. Simultaneously, we're actively shaping the future with plans for the next-generation turbine, which will be 2-3 times larger than the Wind Catcher and seamlessly integrated into the grid.

However, we're well aware that we can't achieve this alone. We're actively seeking exceptional individuals to join us in our mission to redefine the cost of electricity and minimise our environmental impact. Check out our current open positions at our Jobs-page.

KiteX isn't just a workplace; it's a hub of innovation, an opportunity to pioneer a future driven by ingenuity and sustainability. Join us, and together, we'll propel the energy transition forward and create a lasting legacy.