Portable Power Stations

Wind Catcher comes with a ground power converter that allows you to connect wind catcher to the solar panel input port of your portable power station (PPS).

The converter includes energy buffer and allows the turbine to behave as a virtual solar panel.

KiteX is the first (and only as of March 2023) to bring a wind turbine controller that can be used with solar MPPT units.

Battery System

The ground power converter can charge 12 or 24 volt battery systems of type lead-acid/AGM or lithium LifePO4/Lion

There's a build in charge-controller in the box - all you have to do is connect it, and set it to the correct voltage and type.

Other connection options



You can configure the ground power converter (converter) to deliver power to a resistive element. Use this to heat your camper or water directly. Best performance (most power) is reached at 2 Ohm, but 0.5 to 10 Ohm can be used.

The maximum allowed current, voltage and power can all be user set at the same time.

Advanced Setup

Solar + Wind

It's possible to use solar and our wind turbine at the same time if you have a portable power station with two separate Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT) controllers such as the Jackery 1000 Pro. Plug the solar array into one MPPT input and KiteX wind turbine into the other.


For systems with direct access to the battery terminals 12/24 V batteries, then it's possible to connect the output of the MPPTs in parallel - just make sure that the maximum charge current of the battery is not exceed when both controllers deliver full power.


As our ground (converter) can emulate a solar panel, it's technical possible that we in the future can connect with another solar panel in parallel into the same MPPT input. This feature isn't release yet.