Mechatronics / Wind turbine engineer

We are looking for a full time engineer that ideally will manage (and do a lot of) the development of our next generation grid connected turbine. 


We are also developing a large version of Wind Catcher that we believe will be able to set new standards for energy generated per material and cost - reduce environmental impact cost of renewable electricity. This will enable homeowners (in open landscapes), farmers and remote communities to generate their own clean electricity.

Making a wind turbine involves many engineering disciplines and skills. We are mostly lacking an engineer with great analytical mechanical engineering skills, but we could also use support within the realm of electronics. 

The position 

Below is a list of required and bonus skills - these correlate with the expected tasks that you will help us with. We get a lot of joy from seeing each other daily and expect you to be onsite most work days. You will most likely also be running a lot of experiments, which is easier to attend in real life.

We expect that you have experience with these mechanical engineering topics:
Load calculations, FEM, Safety factors, Basic material science (composites and metals), Joints (bolted and glue), Design for manufacturing, Tolerances, Vibrations, Aerodynamics, Kinematics

It’s also a requirement that you know how to do basic programming, but preferably you are very familiar with scripting / programming  languages.

It would also be great if you knew about:
Experience working with 3D prints, Proficient in using aeroelastic tools, Quality control, Basic to advanced electronics (analog electronics, digital electronics, power electronics, safety), Certification and standards.

We offer

  • An opportunity to work with a dedicated team trying to solve the climate crisis and increase prosperity.
  • A place where you can have a lot of influence on your own tasks and work environment.
  • Competitive startup salary with option for warrants depending on qualifications. 
  • An opportunity to be part of the whole process - from understanding customer pain to a finished product with relatively short turnaround time.
  • To be part of a responsive and pragmatic team. We are open to quick changes of plans and love to settle disputes by quick empirical tests (when possible). 
  • Almost no bureaucracy 
  • Gain new competences. Working at KiteX you will most likely be doing something that you haven’t been working with before. 

Starting date as soon as possible.

Apply: Please apply through the hub. Send questions to