Portable Power Stations Compatibility

Here's a list of the Portable power stations that we've tested so far. 

Is yours not on the list? Don't fear, our ground converter (DC-DC) emulates a solar panel, so it will work in most cases! Just make sure you set the settings so you don't overvoltage or overcurrent your station. 

Contact us if you're in doubt.  


Wind Catcher comes with a ground power converter that allows you to connect wind catcher to the solar panel input port of your portable power station (PPS).

The converter includes an energy buffer and allows the turbine to behave as a virtual solar panel.

KiteX is the first (and only) company to introduce a wind turbine controller that can be used with solar MPPT units.




Input connector
Jackery Explorer 500 Yes DC7909 - included
Jackery 1000 Pro Yes



1500 Pro Yes DC8020*


2000 Pro


Bluetti EB55


Bluetti EB70 Yes
DC7909 - included
Bluetti  EB150


DC7909 - included
Bluetti EB180


DC7909 - included
Bluetti EB240 Yes
DC7909 - included
Bluetti  AC200MAX Yes XT90M
Ecoflow River 600 Max Yes XT60M**
Ecoflow Delta 2 Yes XT60M**
Ecoflow River 2 Pro Yes XT60M**
Ecoflow River 2 Max Yes XT60M**
Bresser 500Wh Yes Anderson Power Pole

*Normally comes with your power station if you get it from the brands webshop.

**Works by directly plugging in Wind Catcher ground converter 

We're continually working on added more stations to the list.