Wind Catcher Detailed Specifications

Technical Overview

This is an overview of the technical specification of Wind Catcher.

Specification value
Rated Power 200W @ 5.5 m/s
Single blade mass 0.3 kg
Turbine with anchor & tower: mass 12 kg, 26.5 lbs
Voltage Output 12-36V,  (programmable)
Wind speed (Operational Range) 2.5 - 15 m/s [5.6 - 34 mph]. Survival: 15 - 25 m/s [34 - 56 mph]
Rotational Speed (max) 135 RPM
Noise Levels

55dB @ 6 m at 135 RPM (3 dB above background noise). 65dB @ 1.5m from gear. Unofficial measurement. 

Hub Height 4.0 m
Swept Area 9.42 m^2
Projected Rotor Diameter 3.8 m
Anchors Holding Force 40 kg (minimum)
Number of Rotating Blades 3
Gear Ratio 1 to 20.5
Generator Nominal Torque 1.2 Nm
Generator Nominal Voltage 36V
Weather Rating Rain proof. Electronics controller box not submersible. IP54 rated.
Full rated power temperature range -10 to 35 deg C



Wind catcher is built around the use of high performance composite rods manufactured in 2 meter sections. 2 meters is the longest length that can easily be shipped by regular mail. These sections are extremely tough and weather resistant. This has resulted in a 2 meter rotor radius and a tower height of 4 meters. Wind Catcher is much larger than any other portable wind turbine and larger than most small wind turbines that can be found online and installed without a crane. This large swept area is what makes Wind Catcher superior in low wind conditions.


Electric Output Specifications

Wind Catcher Ground Station is a programmable DC-DC converter with a super-capacitor bank available to smooth out the power delivery. 

You can set parameters to suit you system: 

 Voltage output range 12-36V
Current output range 0.5A - 20A
Power range 0-200W
Battery technology supported Lead-acid, Li-ion


Our ground station is unique. We can deliver power directly to the MPPT unit in most portable power stations. We can do this because of our unique solar-emulation algorithm combined with our super-capacitor bank for smooth power delivery. 

We have charge control on lead-acid on Li-ion battery systems. So you can connect directly to your system and charge control and battery management is automatically done. Make sure to select the appropriate system in the ground station control app. 

You can specify combinations of voltages and amperage, to maximise your energy output from Wind Catcher. 


Output port

Wind Catcher comes with an XT60-F Output port. This fits directly into many portable power stations. If you need an adapter, we have them available. 


Power Throttling 

Wind Catcher will automatically throttle energy output based on a number of factors: 

  • Power consumption: if your battery system is fully charged, the Wind Catcher will throttle, and not overcharge your battery system
  • High Wind Speeds: At high wind speeds it will reduce RPM
  • Accidental cable disconnects: If a cable is suddenly disconnected, the Wind Catcher will throttle down to protect itself

Wind Catcher throttles by pitching the blades and reducing RPM, meaning it will run even more silently. 

Anti-vibration protection system

Wind Catcher measures accelerations 200 times per second. If abnormal vibration patterns are detected, the Wind Catcher will automatically stop to protect itself.