Wind Catcher Specifications

Technical Overview

This is an overview of the technical specification of Wind Catcher.

Specification value
Rated Power 600W @ 7.5 m/s
Single blade mass 0.2 kg
Turbine with anchors mass 10 kg
Voltage Output 42.0-45.6V, 
Wind speed (Operational Range) 2.5 - 15 m/s. Survival, 15 - 22 m/s
Rotational Speed (max) 170 RPM
Noise Levels 51dB @ 6 m with at 100 RPM (5 dB above background noise). Unofficial measurement. 
Hub Height 4.0 m
Swept Area 9.42 m^2
Rotor Diameter 2.05 m
Anchors Holding Force 40 kg (minimum)
Number of Rotating Blades 3
Gear Ratio 1 to 20.5
Generator Nominel Torque 2.5 Nm
Weather Rating Rain/snow proof. Electronics controller box not submersible. IP54 rated.
Full rated power temperature range -10 to 30 deg C



Wind catcher is build around the use of high performance composite rods manucatured in 2 meter sections. 2 meter is the longest length that can easily be shiped by regular mail. These sections are extremely tought and weather resistant. This has resulting in a 2 meter rotor radius and a tower height of 4 meters. Certainly much larger than any other portable wind turbine and larger than most small wind turbines that can be brought online and installed without a crane.Turbine2DMeasurements


Electric Output Specifications

The onboard protection circuit will shut off in case you try to pull more than 16 A. The system battery is also protected by a 20A fuse. This feature is not intended to be used as a feature of regulation so please make sure that your system draws less than 20 A from Wind Catcher.

Output port

Wind Catcher comes with a MC4 Output port.